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Ending the EPA’s Secret Science

To make our government competent and accountable, it first needs to be transparent. This is particularly necessary when it comes to bureaucratic regulations that have the potential to cost jobs and…

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Reforming the EPA for a More Competent Government

The EPA relies on the Science Advisory Board (SAB) to review the scientific foundation of the EPA’s regulatory decisions and offer advice on scientific matters. Unfortunately, the SAB lacks…

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Promoting Transparency Ensures Government Represents the People

A lot of you have seen the tape of Jonathan Gruber, one of the ‘architects of Obamacare,’ where he talks about the lack of transparency gives you the opportunity to fool the American public. The…

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Leader McCarthy Condemns Attack in Jerusalem that Left Four Dead, Including Three Americans

Such an act of barbarism and terror is unconscionable. I condemn this attack and I call on the Palestinian Authority to take action to curb this violence, abandon its incitement against Israel, and…

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Gruber Comments Show Government Councils Need Transparency

Gruber’s comments demonstrate just how those in Washington use big government and complicated processes to game the system in favor of imposing what they want and what they assume the American people…