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Let’s Hire More of Our Heroic Veterans

The Hire More Heroes Act, introduced by Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13), makes sure no employers are penalized for hiring a veteran and that no veteran is left jobless because of Obamacare’s…

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The Administration Should Not Regulate the Internet

The Internet has been and needs to remain free and open. The House will continue to resist the Administration’s attempts to make it anything else.

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What the House Has Done for Our Veterans

Veterans Day is just around the corner, but when it comes to our servicemen and women, the House is working year round. Chairman Jeff Miller (FL-01) and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs have…

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McCarthy Statement on SpaceShipTwo Crash

My heart and prayers go out to the pilots of SpaceShipTwo and their families. Their courage and bravery to embark on missions that will lead towards expanding man’s reach into space exemplifies the…


All Tricks & No Treats

During Halloween, there’s a lot to be afraid of. But scariest of all are the terrors and horrors that don’t end on Halloween night. These are none other than the harmful and scary policies from…