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Congress Makes Laws, Not the President

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that this is about a President who has gone beyond his constitutional authority. I urge the Senate to consider this bill, and I especially urge the Democrat…

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Helping Disabled Americans Live Independent Lives

The ABLE Act will both empower and help ease the burden of disabled Americans by letting them and their families create tax-free accounts that can be used to pay for education, housing,…

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House to Vote on California Drought Relief

Though only Mother Nature can dictate the duration of the drought, the situation demands immediate action to address government-created barriers to ensure available water flows throughout our state…

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Headline: Basic Costs Squeeze Families

In a sadly unsurprising headline today, the Wall Street Journal said that basic costs squeeze families. Under a Democrat president and Democrat majority in the Senate, the prices of all the basics in…

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Under Democrat Majority, American Families Feel the Squeeze

“When you look at the Wall Street Journal the article today, ‘Basic Costs Squeeze Families,’ because of the rise in healthcare costs. And you look at the work that Chairman Camp & Sen. Reid did…