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The President has long had trouble working with Congress to create bipartisan solutions to the nation’s problems. In a failed attempt to fix the health care in this country, he passed Obamacare…

Leader's Blog

Fighting Against Human Trafficking

Few are aware the severity of human trafficking within American borders. Law enforcement has been unable to effectively combat this criminal industry—where people are traded and exploited for sex…

Leader's Blog

The Obamacare Debate Is Not Over

The president said the debate over Obamacare is over. The American people respectfully responded, “No it isn’t.”

Sixty percent of likely voters from the most important districts and states in…


‘Modern day slavery’: America must fight epidemic of human trafficking here at home

For too many Americans, the issue of human trafficking is far removed from their daily lives—something that only happens in foreign countries or Hollywood movies. Tragically, this issue is far…

Press Release

McCarthy Honors Neil Armstrong and Hugh Dryden at NASA Flight Center

Yesterday, Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined senior members of NASA, the Armstrong and Dryden families, and the Antelope Valley community in Edwards California to honor and celebrate the…