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Even Yosemite Can’t Please the EPA

Time and again the EPA attempts to further its regulatory agenda and expand its power. It did so with its proposed rules on navigable waterways, and it is doing so again in its latest smog and ozone…


In California, the President Should Take the 10 to the 405 to the 5 to….

Before the President leaves California, he should take a little trip. He should take Colorado to Lincoln, hop on the 10, go north on the 405 to the 5—get off at Lyons for a double-double from…


Obamacare Has Hurt More Than Helped

When big government micromanages health care, just about everyone loses. It’s long past time we cut our losses on this failed law and replace it with a patient-centered, free-market alternative.


National Manufacturing Day

A big thanks to all of America’s manufacturers and manufacturing workers on National Manufacturing Day.