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The President Failed to Notify Congress on the Taliban Five

By releasing five senior Taliban terrorists in complete secrecy, President Obama ignored a statute he signed into law and put America at greater risk given that releasing these detainees in exchange…

Press Releases

House Will Make it Easy for Senate Democrats to Act on Jobs

“Next week, if it’s so difficult for the Senate to act, we’ll package these bills together on jobs, on lowering the energy costs for individuals throughout America. We will package them together…


A Dry Ditch is Not a ‘Navigable Waterway’

The new rule proposed by the EPA is so vague and broad that it can designate almost any water, flowing or standing, as under federal jurisdiction. Rivers, lakes, washes, puddles, and ponds could all…


The Hill: McCarthy plans fall offensive on federal regs

McCarthy’s floor agenda for the month, unveiled Thursday afternoon, is chock-full of measures designed to clamp down on what Republicans view as an era of overzealous regulation in Washington.

Press Releases

Our Economy Needs Real Solutions Now

Today, U.S. employers reported the slowest level of job growth this entire year, marking yet another disappointing report on the economy. Equally disappointing, the number of unemployed people who…