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Another Pair of Obamacare Failings

Another day, another pair of Obamacare failings.

First, the Administration announced yet another Obamacare delay Thursday. It’s becoming cliché.

President Obama has extended enrollment on…


More Foot Dragging On Obamacare

A key characteristic of the Obama administration is foot dragging. Unable to work under its own time constraints, “delay” has been the president’s favored form of “action.” Case in point,…


Investigation Needed after Reports of VA Secret Waitlist

A CNN report published today found that at least 40 veterans have died waiting for an appointment at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health system. Top administrators reportedly knew that these…


Earth Day

Today is the day to celebrate our earth in all of its beauty, complexity, and wonder. Part of humanity’s job as stewards of the Earth is to protect and preserve this world that we have been…


President Obama Spins Enrollment Numbers

Ever since the beginning of Obamacare’s botched rollout, the Obama administration has left many questions unanswered. With the end of the first open enrollment period, Americans still don’t know…