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GALLUP: Gov’t Regulations at Top of Small-Business Owners’ Problem List

While regulatory change can have a big impact on individual companies and industries, most often it does not have a major impact on the overall U.S. economy. However, these are not normal economic…

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Did Someone Say Shenanigans?

Last night the Senate, with bipartisan opposition, defeated a state bail-out measure from the President’s jobs bill. It’s clear the Senate Leader Reid is pursuing only a political agenda, not…

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Kevin McCarthy: House GOP Has Been Willing To Work With POTUS On Jobs

It was Senate Democrats, McCarthy said, who “killed” Obama’s jobs bill, while House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, “said from the beginning, ‘I’m going to look at it.'”
McCarthy said that he…

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Democratic Lawmakers Pressure Obama Administration On Both Sides Of Keystone Pipeline Issue

Twenty House Democrats, led by Rep. Gene Green (D-Tex.), wrote to President Obama on Wednesday, asking him to approve the pipeline. The State Department is charged with overseeing the permit, but…

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GOP Address: Washington Is the ‘Problem,’ Not the ‘Solution’


Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California says when it comes to job creation and turning the U.S. economy around, “Washington is not the solution — Washington is the problem.” In this week’s…