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President Gives Senate Democrats A Pass

SHOT: President Obama Will Barnstorm Swing Districts To Blame House Republicans For Inaction On Jobs Bill. “President Barack Obama has had enough of this legislator-in-chief stuff, and will press…

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Next Jobs Bill Faces Hard Road

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson, a moderate Democrat who’s facing a tough reelection next year, said he’ll take a look at the latest jobs proposal — a $60 billion package to help rebuild aging…

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Durbin Says Democrats Don’t Currently Have The Votes For Obama Jobs Bill

President Obama has been calling for Congress to pass his American Jobs Act since legislators returned from their August recess. The jobs plan is made up of a combination of tax increases on the…

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A Taxing News Cycle For The White House

It’s a rough news day for the White House. The President’s tax hike muse Warren Buffett announced he does not support the President’s “Buffett Rule” this morning on CNBC. Breaking overnight…

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Who’s The Boss?

Caucus Vice-Chair and chief Senate Democrat messenger Chuck Schumer is pushing back on Majority Whip Durbin’s whip count. Schumer called Durbin’s assessment “premature,” earlier today on a…