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Durbin On Obama Jobs Bill: We Do Not Have The Votes

SHOT: President Obama Pressures Congress On Jobs Bill – “Now I Want It Back.” On Tuesday, President Barack Obama tried to keep the pressure on Congress to consider his nearly $450 billion jobs…

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Same Page?

Just Yesterday, the White House said that the President and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are “on the same page,” regarding the President’s tax hiking jobs bill. And White House Press…

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Stimulus Deja vu

All –

Today the President returns to the place where it all started. In February of 2009, the President arrived in Colorado to sign the $787 stimulus bill into law. National unemployment in…

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“The Battle for Silicon Valley”

The Battle for Silicon Valley

National Review Online

Robert Costa

September 26, 2011

When you stroll…

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The Hill: McCarthy touts small-business legislation

McCarthy touts small-business legislation

The Hill

Russell Berman

October 25, 2011