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Game day

Democrats are trying to change how we represent our constituents, but Republicans will not lose focus on doing what’s right.

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Introducing the Republican Freshmen

They weren’t supposed to win. Their candidacies and campaigns were cast aside. Written off by the polling and media class. Of…

It’s All About Power for House Democrats

Washington, D.C. — Today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) responded to House Democrats’ rule change that would alter the Motion to Recommit (MTR), the minority’s last opportunity…


House Democrats Plan to Silence Members of Congress to Protect Their Political Careers

As Schoolhouse Rock taught us, legislation is rarely perfect–especially when a bill is first introduced.
That’s why amendments are made throughout the process on Capitol Hill–from the time of…

Press Releases

Republican Women in the House

Unsurprisingly, the media was wrong. Again.