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Democrats Double Down On Opposition To Tax Hikes

This morning a number of Democrat Senators doubled down on their previous opposition to President Obama’s attempts to raise taxes, citing the fact that raising taxes would only further hurt…

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President’s Growth Plan Full Of Stale Policy

During remarks in Michigan yesterday, President Obama promised to present “fresh ideas to create jobs.”

President Obama Promises Fresh Ideas In Economic Growth Plan. “President Barack Obama…

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Appeals Court Finds Healthcare Mandate Unconstitutional


NOTE: In a 2-1 decision, judges in Atlanta said this mandate is “unprecedented” and unlike any commercial regulation upheld in the past.

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President’s Growth Plan: More Stimulus, Higher Taxes

During a trip to Michigan today the President promised to put forth policy proposals to grow the economy and promote job creation.

President Obama Pledges To Put Forth Policies To Grow Economy &…

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President Obama On Tax Increases Then & Now

Earlier today the President proposed sustained tax increases as part of his Administration’s economic growth plan. Unemployment is above 9% and private sector growth has stalled – and to quote 2009…