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Press Release

McCarthy: House Republicans Are Leading on Job Creation

Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) gave the following remarks at the weekly House Republican leadership press conference, calling on Washington Democrats to show…

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Jobs in the Pipeline

· With 9.1% unemployment and gasoline prices in the stratosphere, President Obama must sometimes wish that some big corporation would suddenly show up and offer a shovel-ready, multibillion-dollar…

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A Sense of Leader Reid’s Senate

SHOT: Leader Reid Says Cancels Recess Because The Senate Has A Responsibility To Do Their Job. “Mr. President, it is often said that with liberty comes responsibility,” he said. “We should take…

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The Facts On Democrats’ Tax Hike

Since last week the President and Congressional Democrats have called for raising taxes on alleged “millionaires and billionaires.” Washington Democrats are seeking an estimated $400 billion in…

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Senate Democrats Play “Catch-Up”

Senate Leader Harry Reid announced today that the Senate will be in session next week. Leader Reid said, “with liberty comes responsibility,” and that the Senate has to do its job and produce a…