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Press Release

McCarthy: We Have the Resolve to Overcome Our Challenges

Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave the following remarks commending the work of our armed forces and intelligence community in bringing terrorist Osama Bin Laden to…

Leader's Blog

White House Continues To Push For Blank Check On Future Debt

Yesterday, the Obama Administration, yet again, requested that Congress increase the debt ceiling and claimed that it should be done without any of the structural changes and spending cuts sought by…

Press Release

McCarthy Statement on the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Washington, D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) issued the following statement regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden:

“The terrorist leader behind the September 11th attacks on…

Leader's Blog

Blue Dog Democrat Claims President’s Energy Policies Will Cost States “Thousands Of Jobs”

This afternoon, Blue Dog Rep. Dan Boren expanded on his earlier criticism for the President’s energy policies by claiming that, if the President is successful in raising taxes on oil and gas…

Leader's Blog

President’s Tax Hike Demonstrates A “Commitment To Higher Energy Prices”

The President’s call for higher taxes on energy producing companies at a time of high gas prices is drawing criticism from all quarters. Yesterday, a fellow Democrat took aim at his policies,…