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Senate Democrats Facing Turbulence From President’s Road Show

As President Obama continues traveling the country seeking support for his jobs bill, Congressional Democrats are hard to find by his side. It is assumed many are dodging the President because he’s…


Presidential Visit

The president is here to push his latest jobs plan … Meanwhile, Southern Nevada has lost 130,000 jobs and counting, even as local entrepreneurs, after assessing the added costs ObamaCare and carbon…


GALLUP: Gov’t Regulations at Top of Small-Business Owners’ Problem List

While regulatory change can have a big impact on individual companies and industries, most often it does not have a major impact on the overall U.S. economy. However, these are not normal economic…


Did Someone Say Shenanigans?

Last night the Senate, with bipartisan opposition, defeated a state bail-out measure from the President’s jobs bill. It’s clear the Senate Leader Reid is pursuing only a political agenda, not…


Kevin McCarthy: House GOP Has Been Willing To Work With POTUS On Jobs

It was Senate Democrats, McCarthy said, who “killed” Obama’s jobs bill, while House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, “said from the beginning, ‘I’m going to look at it.'”
McCarthy said that he…