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Majority Leader Cantor & Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy Pen & Pad

Transcript: Majority Leader Cantor & Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy Pen & Pad
March 14, 2011

Leader's Blog

McCarthy On Short-Term CRs: “Democrats Are Going To Have To Step Up To Make Sure That This Is Our Very Last One”

With Sen. Chuck Schumer, yet again, trying to stoke fears of a government shutdown, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor reminded Democrats that they must finally…

Press Release

McCarthy: It Is Irresponsible To Avoid Making Tough Decisions

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released the following statement regarding the short-term continuing resolution:

“Because the Democrat-controlled Senate has still not passed a…

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Viqueira Explains The Obama Administration’s Strained Relationship With Democrats On The Hill

In case the White House needed a reminder of the current state of their strained relationship with Democrats on the Hill, NBC’s Mike Viqueira summed up the Obama Administration’s terrible week….

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President Obama Calls For A “Conversation” On Medicare And Medicaid After Ignoring Those Programs In His Own Budget

During his press conference, President Barack Obama recognized that our long-term debt and deficits in large part stem from Medicaid in Medicare and called for a “conversation” about how to “tackle…