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Senate Democrats Punt While House Leads To Restore Economy

This morning, Senator Tom Coburn took the opinion page of the Washington Post to rebuke Senate Leader Harry Reid’s absence of leadership on the most important issues facing our country and Reid’s…


Unabashed, Senate Democrats Continue To Abdicate Responsibility

It has been 750 days since Senate Democrats last passed a budget. Senate Republicans are calling on them to do their jobs and produce a plan that gets our fiscal house in order to get the economy…


Senate Democrats Continue To Punt On Budget


The Associated Press is reporting that Senate Democrats are putting off drafting a budget because, “Many Democrats want to avoid the tough votes that advancing a Democrats-only budget…


Voters Overwhelmingly Opposed To Raising Taxes To Solve Nation’s Deficit Problem

After years of adding trillions of dollars to the national debt and proposing trillions more in new deficits and taxes, Democrats might want to rethink their strategy on the federal budget and…


House Democrats Launch New Lies About GOP Plans To Save Medicare

The House Democrats’ campaign arm is at it again with a new, false attack against the House Republicans’ plan to save and preserve Medicare for future generations. After already earning a…