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Blue Dog Democrat Claims President’s Energy Policies Will Cost States “Thousands Of Jobs”

This afternoon, Blue Dog Rep. Dan Boren expanded on his earlier criticism for the President’s energy policies by claiming that, if the President is successful in raising taxes on oil and gas…


President’s Tax Hike Demonstrates A “Commitment To Higher Energy Prices”

The President’s call for higher taxes on energy producing companies at a time of high gas prices is drawing criticism from all quarters. Yesterday, a fellow Democrat took aim at his policies,…


Gallup Poll Shows Senior Citizens Prefer House GOP Budget Over President’s Plan

This morning, a new Gallup/USA Today poll confirmed that senior citizens support the House Republican budget over the President’s so-called deficit plan.

According To A New Gallup/USA Today Poll,…


Blue Dog Democrat Joins Ranks Of Democrats Questioning Calls For Oil Tax Hikes

Today, Rep. Dan Boren, a prominent Blue Dog Democrat, had some harsh words for the President’s leadership on helping Americans cope with rising gas prices. In Oklahoma’s Tulsa World, Rep. Boren…


House Democrats Repeat Their False Attacks Against House GOP Budget

After piling up trillions of dollars in new debt and proposals for two trillion dollars in higher taxes, House Democrats have doubled down on their deceptive budget attacks. Today, the Democrats’…