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Senate Democratic Leadership Continues To Push Tax Hikes Rejected By Fellow Democrats

After failing to pass their own long-term spending plan last year and supporting the President’s call for trillions in higher taxes, the Senate’s top Democrats, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer, both…


White House Calls For “Adult Conversation” On Long-Term Deficits After Years Of Record Deficits And Inaction

You may have had a feeling of déjà vu watching today’s White House press briefing, during which Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed that the President was committed to having an “adult…


House Democrats Launch Political Attacks Designed To Maintain The Unsustainable Status Quo

Before they even knew the details, House Democrats today launched shameless attacks against Republican efforts to save and secure Medicare for future generations.

House Democrats Launched A…


Democratic Governors Oppose GOP Efforts To Save Social Program Other Democrats Have Claimed Is In “Meltodwn”

Today, 16 Democratic governors announced plans to oppose the House Republican budget plan (without actually knowing the details) that will repair the Medicaid system and give states the flexibility…

Press Releases

McCarthy: We Cannot Tax Our Way to Prosperity

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s budget sequel:

“Sequels are never as good as the original, and even worse when the…