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President Obama Chooses “Overtly Partisan Broadsides”Over Bipartisan Cooperation

After adding more than $3.5 trillion in new debt and proposing trillions more in new taxes and deficits, you might think President Obama would be interested in having a serious conversation about our…

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McCarthy: President Proposes Budget Sequel After First Attempt Bombs

Washington, D.C. – Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made the following comments at today’s GOP stakeout:

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In the “Pledge to America,” we laid out that…


Now Vs. Then: President Obama Engages (Again) In Scare Tactics That He Once Derided

President Obama’s speech may have been light on specifics, but it certainly didn’t lack shameless political attacks and scare tactics. Therefore, we thought the President might need a brief…


Another Study In Contrasts…

Here’s a clear indicator of the differing levels of seriousness with which Republicans and President Obama are approaching our nation’s deficit problems. After President Obama gives his deficit…


President Obama Ducks Specifics On Deficit Plan

Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver remarks on deficit reduction plans. But, perhaps in a sign for just how serious we should take this speech, the White House is setting the expectations bar…