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Kevin McCarthy’s Statement on the Passing of John Lewis

“John Lewis was an extraordinary man. He suffered for this nation, enduring what would have easily broken other men, so that future generations could enjoy the full blessings of freedom. Racism,…

Press Releases

Leader McCarthy Introduces Bill to Protect American Monuments and Statues

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the introduction of his bill, the Protect America’s Statues Act of 2020.

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McCarthy Announces Appointments to USMCA Mexico Labor Expert Board

This week, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the appointment of Stefan Marculewicz and Philip Miscimarra to the Independent Mexico Labor Expert Board.

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Pelosi on Violent Mobs: “People Will Do What They Do”

Today, Nancy Pelosi was finally opened up about her thoughts on the violent mobs who are attacking people and property. Her response? “People will do what they do.”

Her job is to write…