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9 Photos From the Border

It’s a big border with an even bigger crisis. Leader McCarthy, accompanied by a dozen House Republicans, visited the U.S.-Mexico border to witness the horror and heartbreak of a migrant…

Starting Line The Starting Line

Small businesses can’t compete with government subsidies

Small businesses are struggling to compete with the government to get their employees back to work.

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House Republicans on Biden’s Border Crisis

House Republicans detail their firsthand experience of Biden’s Border Crisis after returning from Texas.

Blog border security

Speaker Pelosi Is Trying To Steal a Congressional Seat

This Sunday, Pelosi was pressed on why she is working to reverse the results of a congressional election and unseat a sitting member of Congress. Her answer? “Well, it was six votes”

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Kevin McCarthy and Republicans in El Paso, Texas for the Biden Border Crisis

“It’s more than a crisis, this is a human heartbreak,” said Leader McCarthy.