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One Month Later: A Look at the Biden Border Crisis

This is a humanitarian and national security nightmare created by the Biden Administration—and it’s only getting worse.

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No, Speaker Pelosi, We Are Not on a ‘Good Path’ at the Border

Leader McCarthy spoke at a press conference today about the crisis caused by President Biden’s reckless border security policies, and Democrats’ attempt to expand the Supreme Court.


most significant body in this country

In 1983, then-Senator Joe Biden said of FDR’s proposal to pack the Supreme Court:

“It was a bonehead idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make. “

“And it put in question, if for…

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Congresswoman Julia Letlow

Leader McCarthy welcomes the newest House Republican, Julia Letlow, to Congress today.

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Thank You, Congressman Kevin Brady

Leader McCarthy thanks Rep. Kevin Brady for his dedicated service to America.