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The Wall Is Crumbling

No, not that wall.

We’re talking about the wall of support among Congressional Democrats for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s refusal to compromise. Despite leadership’s claims that they are…


The March for Life

Each year, tens of thousands of Americans march on Washington, DC, on this day. They travel long distances, endure the cold, and march—not for themselves, but for…

Leader's Blog

Socialism Is Expensive. Security Isn’t.

You’ve watched the news. You’ve seen the headlines. Washington is gridlocked and parts of the government are shut down. Over what?
Border security.
The President and Republicans want to make…

Leader's Blog

Three Reasons Democrats Should Get Serious

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have made their political point, but every day that Democrats refuse to come to the table and negotiate is a day that our Southern border remains vulnerable and parts…

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Joins “Face the Nation”

“It’s not as though we’re asking Democrats to do something they haven’t done before.”