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Today Almost Every Democrat Voted Against Israel

Leader McCarthy Weekly Presser 4/4

Today, every Democrat but five voted against an amendment to reject the BDS movement. Every Democrat but five would not stand with Israel.

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The Democrats are Wasting Their Majority

The Democrats are Wasting Their Majority

‚ÄúThis is remarkable because last Friday was the end of the first quarter, and they have wasted this Majority. “

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Today It All Changes

Kevin McCarthy Leads a Pro-Life Rally at the Capitol

Today’s discharge petition will put every member on record on infanticide.

Leader's Blog

10 Photos From March

Winter’s come and gone, and the warmer weather has us all walking with an extra spring in our step. Here’s the latest on what’s happening in and around the nation’s Capitol. For more…

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Adam Schiff Needs to Step Down as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee

Leader McCarthy Calls for Adam Schiff to Step Down as Chairman

America has lost faith in Adam Schiff.