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Press Release

Leader McCarthy Joins Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine”

“The only people in these meetings who have not made a counter-offer are the Democrats.”

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Talks Border Security Negotiations on Fox News

“Remember what we’re fighting over: 10% of what we spent last year to foreign aid, to other countries.”

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Discusses the Ongoing Government Shutdown Negotiations on Fox News

“The entire time these negotiations have been going on, it has been the President bringing offers to the Democrats. The Democrats have not one time made any counter-offer back.”

Press Release

Leader McCarthy Reacts to President Trump’s Address to the Nation on Fox News

“Our Conference stands with him and we have resolve to see this through.”

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on the Democrats’ Repeal of Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy

“Simply put, this bill is a disaster for America‚Äôs reputation as a defender of freedom and human rights in the world.”