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Press Release

Leader McCarthy’s Statement on the Strong Economic Growth in the Third Quarter of 2018

“Strong economic growth is more than just a number. It is the product of American communities and families that are regaining their confidence.”

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on Congress’ Action to Counter Foreign Aggression

“The days of leading from behind and undermining our military are behind us.”

Press Release

Leader McCarthy on Congress’ Historic Efforts to Reduce Washington’s Regulatory Burden

“Together with the Trump Administration, the regulatory relief on American businesses, farmers and ranchers, and workers has been unprecedented.”

Press Release

Landmark Legislation to Curb Opioid Crisis Signed Into Law

To give America the best chance to beat back the opioid crisis, Congress stood together and passed a landmark legislative initiative. Today President Trump signed that bill into law.

Leader McCarthy Joins Fox & Friends to Discuss Border Security and Midterms

“We’re worried about this caravan coming, but I’m more worried what happens on November 6th. “