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McCarthy on Fox News: Possibility of Speaker Pelosi ‘Should Scare All Americans’

On Fox News, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the thought of Speaker Pelosi “should scare all Americans.”

Press Release

McCarthy Slams Google Bias and Demands Answers

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy demands answers from Google on Fox News.

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Congress Passes Minibus Spending Package

For the first time in more than a decade, Congress is sending multiple funding bills to the President before the end of the fiscal year.

McCarthy Rips ‘Senior Official’ Behind Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed

“All you’re doing is undermining the person that the American people elected to be president.”

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McCarthy Appears on Fox News @ Night With Shannon Bream

“This president has worked hard…That’s why I think when this election comes around, you’re gonna see Republicans maintain the House. “