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One of the most fundamental duties of the House of Representatives is to appropriate funding for the government. To ensure this process is finally done according to the priorities of the American people and to avoid another Washington-made cliff, the House will be starting the appropriations process next week, the earliest start since 1974.

And it’s not just about starting early. It’s about doing it right. Majority Leader McCarthy has remained committed to restoring power to the committees and members, which means members from both sides will be able to offer amendments on appropriations bills.

To kick the process off, the House will consider two appropriations bills next week:

  • The Department of Veterans Affairs and Military Construction Projects appropriations bill funds housing and facility renovation for our military personnel and ensures that we meet the growing health needs of our veterans.
  • The Department of Energy and Water Infrastructure appropriations bill ensures that we safely maintain our nuclear stockpiles and update our critical water infrastructure projects through the Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation. The bill also includes an amendment offered by Representative David Valadao (CA-21) that puts a hard deadline on multiple feasibility studies for California water projects, which have been languishing in the Bureau of Reclamation’s regulatory process for years despite the drought.

For years, Washington has abdicated its duty to responsibly appropriate funding. With House Republican leadership and a new Republican Senate, Congress can finally work on this process the way it was meant to be done.