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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the House floor today in favor of ending taxpayer funding of abortions and in support of a culture that values every human life.

A transcript of McCarthy’s remarks can be found below, or watch them online here.

“I thank the gentleman for yielding.

“We are here today taking a step forward toward a simple goal: to save innocent lives from abortion and to make sure no woman ever has to make that decision to end the life of her child.

“We all know that this is more than just some debate or social disagreement. These are human beings we are talking about. This is about pregnant mothers facing hardship and tough choices. It’s about a culture telling people that human life is expendable.

“But most importantly, this is about human beings—more than 56 million children since Roe v. Wade—who have been denied a chance to live.

“We are here today for them, to make sure every person has the most fundamental right of all—the right to life.

“Today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and during the March for Life, the House will vote on a bill to stop all federal funding from being used to pay for abortion. At the very least, the American people should never be forced to pay for abortions or abortion coverage with their tax dollars.

“I urge my colleagues to stand with the hundreds of thousands of people out on the mall right now by voting for this bill. Stand up and commit to creating an America that values every life, especially the lives of innocents who can’t stand up for themselves.

“I yield back.”