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Democrat Congressman Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) just told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that he’s “not comfortable” with corrupt spending in Democrats’ bill – including $100 million towards a failed Silicon Valley rail project near Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district.

HARLOW: “I’m not got-you. It’s there. It’s like right here. I went back and read it.” 

REP. ESPAILLAT: “I’m not saying you’re doing that. I’m saying that any bill that has $1.9 trillion, that will be one line that will probably be somewhat embarrassing, right? but I tell you what –” 

HARLOW: “You’re saying it’s embarrassing and that’s $101.5 million of taxpayer money and I’m just saying, are you comfortable with it?” 

REP. ESPAILLAT: “The answer, no, I’m not comfortable.”

Are Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats “comfortable” with this spending that has nothing to do with defeating the virus? – or the fact that less than 9% of the bill actually goes towards defeating the virus?