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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a leadership press conference today on the House’s commitment to reviewing the Iran nuclear agreement and our plan to aid the West during this historic drought.

Full remarks are below, or watch online here.

“I know the President announced this morning an agreement with nuclear weapons with Iran. History has always proven peace without freedom is meaningless. Congress will have a role. We’ll look at every detail. We’ll look at the future. We’ll look at the criteria, and we will have a say.

“There is another bill that will be on the floor this week that brings a great interest to many throughout the country. It deals with the water issue through the west.

“I want to congratulate [Representative] David Valadeo (CA-21). One you have to look at if you’re from California—the challenge that we have. But the challenge does not have to be as great as it is. The last two Congresses with Republican control, we passed a bill that would give us greater reserves to be able to deal with the drought. Unfortunately, the Senate never took it up.

“The President felt this issue was so great that he took Air Force One and he flew to California. He walked the arid land, the dry land with the farmers, and he said he would do something about it. But nothing has been done.

“Now is their moment, that they can come to an agreement dealing with an issue that affects all. And in California, this bill is very simple. It does four things. It allows water to flow through the delta. It provides greater storage for those who we have promised for in the past that have just stayed in a stalemate. [It] increases the reservoirs that we have today. For the last 30 years you have built no new ones, but the population has continued to grow in California. [And it] protects the water rights and the state project.

“It’s simple, it’s common sense, and David Valadeo has led the charge to make a real difference.”