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President Obama has enough time to threaten to veto three bipartisan bills from Congress. His Administration made room in the schedule to issue 300 new rules in the first week of the new year. The President is even taking the time to tell people what cars they should buy.

But he can’t seem to find a single spare minute to visit the Phoenix VA at the center of a nationwide scandal even though his motorcade drove right past it today.

The Veterans Affairs system is still broken. Though the House and Senate passed the start of good reform last year, the bureaucracy still needs major reforms so that veterans get the care they need in time. But the President still hasn’t taken the time to offer a long-term plan to fix the VA. President Obama needs to change his priorities.

It’s time for the White House to stop blocking bipartisan bills that the people want and get to work on real solutions and genuine reform. Don’t drive past the problems, Mr. President. Start helping us fix them.


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