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It’s starting to become really difficult to keep up with Obamacare’s problems. As if the website glitches, faulty backendfailing state exchangescontinued administrative delaysrising premiums, loss of doctorsinaccurate enrollment statistics, application discrepanciesdelayed processingrising taxessuspicious (and even terroristnavigatorsinadequate security for sensitive personal data, and more weren’t enough, now some who chose a plan and paid their premiums are discovering that they still aren’t covered.

These are people that actually made it through the broken system and did everything right, despite all the odds against them. Yet even after allegedly gaining coverage, they went to the doctor and discovered they were not, in fact, insured.

This error has forced people to pay out of pocket for expensive medical procedures or to even put off treatments altogether.

Enough is enough. No amount of sugar coating from the Obama administration or false claims that everything is “ok” can make these self-inflicted problems go away. The President needs to stop forcing the American people into his broken health-care system. Now is the time stop Obamacare before it causes any more harm and work for real solutions that help, not hurt, Americans.