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After Obamacare became law, Republicans predicted price increases, longer wait times, shrinking networks, and more. While we’ve definitely started to see that, the news has been dominated by what we assumed the Obama administration would be able to handle, like a failed website and now somewhere between two and four million discrepancies in enrollment applications. Yep, between a quarter and a half of all enrollees have something wrong with their applications, which could mean they aren’t covered or are receiving an incorrect subsidy amount.

Obamacare is so bad that the CBO has thrown in the towel on measuring the fiscal impact of many provisions of the law because “the task is impossible,” according to the Hill. We empathize with our friends at the CBO in their Sisyphean feat. It’s a tough job to measure something that changes every time the political climate gives the Obama administration an excuse for alteration.

Add the Obamacare rollout and back end issues of the website on top of the VA scandal, the rise of crony capitalism, and the waste, fraud, and abuse of the inaptly named “stimulus,” and it’s no wonder that a new Fox news poll shows that more people think the Obama administration is less competent than both the Bush and Clinton administrations. The President has been asking us to trust him and give more power to the federal government. Well, it’s hard to trust the President when he can’t even manage a law that has his name on it.