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Some things seem like great decisions when you’re making them. A used car salesman butters you up to purchase a junker that your friends urge you not to buy. You convince yourself you can chop through a stack of bricks like in the movies.

Or maybe you sign on to a health care law sold on false guarantees and realize you were better off before.

Sadly, that’s exactly what has happened to the American people, who by a 55-38 percent margin say they wish the Affordable Care Act had never passed. More than half of voters (55 percent) believe the government will do a worse job with Obamacare than the VA did managing care for veterans. I’m not sure if the President has read the most recent headlines that 60,000 veterans face delays in getting care and 70 percent of VA facilities use separate lists to make wait times appear shorter, but either way that’s not a good sign for Obamacare. And all of that is on top of the latest CBO estimate that roughly one million low income Americans will face the Obamacare fine for not purchasing coverage by 2016, including 200,000 people earning less than the poverty level.

The President always knew that Obamacare would be unpopular. That’s why he attempted to force people to buy in with the individual mandate. But if a used car salesman forces you to buy a horrible car sold on broken promises, that doesn’t make you love the car. It also doesn’t make the car work.