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Obamacare is raising costs across the nation, and union workers are starting to feel the pain of the President’s health care overhaul. From California farmworkers to Philadelphia transit employees, American workers are discovering that the health plans they had in their unions don’t measure up to the standards set by the President’s regulatory regime.

In California, for example, farmworkers have found that their health insurance plan, created first by Cesar Chavez, doesn’t meet Obamacare’s standards. Up to 10,700 people could lose coverage unless they buy supplemental health coverage.

In Pennsylvania, transit workers have stalled talks with the transit authority because they can’t agree how much workers should contribute to the health plan cost increases caused by Obamacare.

Even the strongest unions can’t defend and keep the plans they previously had, not because employers don’t want to work with them, but because Obamacare is forcing changes on the employer and employee that neither want to have.

Obamacare is a bad law that is also universal in its scope. No Americans—not private workers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or union members—can escape its harmful reach.