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Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a case that could finally give Americans an off ramp from Obamacare. King v. Burwell puts the question to the court: Must the Administration follow the President’s own health care law as it is written, or can the Administration rewrite the law by fiat?

The case is very simple. Obamacare clearly states that individuals can only receive subsidies for Obamacare’s expensive health care plans through exchanges established by states. When Republican governors didn’t go along with the President’s plans and refused to set up state exchanges, the President went outside the confines of the law, ordered the creation of a federal exchange,, and started issuing subsidies on that.

It’s a clear-cut case, and we expect the Supreme Court to rule that the President has to follow his own law.



Last month, Majority Leader McCarthy announced a task force to respond to the King v. Burwell decision and craft an off ramp from Obamacare to a patient-centered alternative.

As detailed in the infographic above, Chairmen Ryan, Upton, and Kline have already outlined the major points of this proposal, and the House will continue to flesh out the details in the coming weeks and months and work with our colleagues in the Senate.

Obamacare is a failed law that continues to harm the American people. With this case, we may finally have the opportunity to move to something better.