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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on FBN’s Morning’s with Maria on how this Congress is working with the White House on job creation:

Full remarks are below, or watch online here.

On his meeting with President Trump yesterday:

“It was a very good meeting. Now, it was bicameral with the Senate leadership and the House leadership. Now remember, we had been able to pass the health care bill out of the House. The Senate is working on that, so we were getting an update there. Talking about where we will move next onto, one, the budget and then tax reform. We had Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin in the room as well. So it’s really getting on a regular basis back together, analyzing, and just measuring the metrics—where we currently are, where we’re moving forward, and where we can constantly improve”

On Congress’ productivity:

“If you take the first 100 days from H.W. Bush forward, on Congress, the number of bills passed, you know which Congress is the most productive? The one we’re currently in, with more than 103 bills passed within those first 100 days. Then if you look at the Presidents, the same time period, the number of bills signed—President Barack Obama signed 15 bills in his first 100 days, President Trump has signed 30. So we’ve dealt with the regulations. We’ve moved out of the House the health care bill. it is now in the Senate. We expect them to get that done before we leave on August break. We will then move in to tax reform. We’re having those hearings right now in the House, which is the appropriate place because, remember the Constitution, Article I, section 7, all tax reform starts in the House. Once we get that done, then that will move to the Senate, and then we’ll move on to infrastructure. I think we’ve got a very full plate before us, we’re going to get this done, and this will continue to be one of the most productive Congresses we’ve had in quite some time,”

On the House focus on jobs, jobs, and jobs:

“I will make sure we get our job done and we get everything moving forward. We’ll be focusing on jobs. This election was about those individuals who have fallen back in the last eight years. When you look at the last eight years under the past Administration and you take their highest growth year, that is still lower than the lowest growth year under Bill Clinton. The middle class has fallen behind in this process. We’ve got to get America working again, and that has been the focus of this President. It’s always been about jobs. When you look at the Congressional Review Act where in the history of America only one had been signed into law. He has now signed 14 of those, getting billions of dollars off the back of business in America. They’re growing again. Health care, we look at the collapse. We’ve got that through the House, it’s now in the Senate. Tax reform, so we can actually be competitive. That is what we want to do. I always bank on America. If we have a level playing field, we will win.