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We all know that a lot of the best solutions come from outside Washington, DC. Some governors, legislatures, mayors, and community leaders across the country are leading renaissances out of this pandemic. Many have joined the Republican conference. Our goal with this blog is not just to offer insights on what we read, but also what we hear, feel, and sense. The Starting Line is on the road, and tomorrow we will share a conversation between Leader McCarthy and a mayor making a big splash as he looks to help his city be the best place to live and work.

For now, here are a few outside the beltway pieces we’ve found interesting over the last few days and want to share with you all. Let us know what you think about them by responding to this email.

  1. Making America CaliforniaThe Biden administration seems determined to run the country on the ruinous model of the Golden State 

  1. How GameStop Found Itself at the Center of a Groundbreaking Battle Between Wall Street and Small InvestorsThe video game retailer has become one of the hottest stocks this year in a tale that illustrates the changing face of investing

  1. The Teachers’ Unions’ Ransom DemandThe educational damage resulting from an unnecessarily extended disruption is a very high price to pay for the muscle-flexing of the teachers’ unions