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Last month, Leader McCarthy traveled to El Paso, Texas, to witness firsthand the crisis at our southern border.

And make no mistake: since that time, Biden’s Border Crisis has only gotten worse.

The stories from our border are harrowing: border apprehensions are skyhigh, smugglers are dropping children from high atop the border wall, suspected terrorists from different continents have been caught on patrols at different times and locations along the border, and Border Agents are being reassigned from patrolling the border to detention facilities to care for families and children

Throughout all of this, the Vice President Kamala Harris—whom President Biden personally tapped to manage this crisis—has not held a press conference or visited border even a single time since taking on her new responsibilities.

Enough is enough. Instead of hiding from this crisis, Republicans have five commonsense solutions to end the humanitarian and national security nightmare created by President Biden and his administration:

  1. Finish the Wall and deploy technology to the border
  2. Fully reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy
  3. Maintain and robustly implement Title 42 authority
  4. Require a negative COVID test before releasing migrants
  5. Send a clear message: do not come to the United States illegally.

It’s time for President Biden to visit our border. It’s time for him to look our Border Agents and border communities in the eye and explain why his administration’s only solution to his crisis is to provide free health care and cash payments to those who seek to undermine our laws and sovereignty.

It’s wrong. It needs to end. And it needs to end now.