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Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Joe Biden’s Presidency, and while Democrats found much to celebrate, Americans nationwide have been suffering under the crushing failure of one year of one-party rule.

President Biden decimated American energy and put thousands of Americans out of work by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline on his very first day in office.

His administration oversaw the return to remote learning in large portions of the nation, ushering in a new era of uncertainty for parents and students across the country.

He opened our southern border, creating a border crisis like few our nation has ever seen. Today, every state in our union is a border state, with lethal fentanyl permitted to flow across our country with little federal resistance.

His reckless tax-and-spend polices have spiked inflation to a 40-year high. Products across the board are more expensive—if you can even find them at all.

In a year of constant crisis, Joe Biden’s first year in office has left Americans poorer, sicker, and less safe than at any point in many of our lives. His administration stands as a monument to disappointment, failure, and broken promises.

Americans deserve better than an administration that puts their needs last.