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“We put out a Commitment to America. First and foremost, we’ll defeat this virus. We have a vaccine, not one, but many, coming up. Not years from now but weeks away…

“We would actually make streets safer. Not defund the police, but add money to it — almost $2 billion for training, community policing, and 500,000 new body cameras.

“We would rebuild this economy, actually add 10 million jobs in the next year, and we would add more to tax reform… We [have] to rebuild small businesses that have been hurt as we move through this.

“But we also [must] end our dependency on China, bringing that supply chain back to America, see those manufacturing jobs.

“And we [have] a five-year plan for an infrastructure bill, that rebuilds our streets, our highways, our airports and makes sure every single house has [access to] the internet.”