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“I am here to introduce Angela Underwood Jacobs, her husband Michael, and her daughter Trinity. More importantly, I am here to listen to them and all of you.

“I know Angela and am proud to call her a friend. She is a mother, a businesswoman, and the first Black woman to become a city councilmember in Lancaster, California.

“Angela is here to testify because her brother, Dave Patrick Underwood, was tragically and senselessly murdered in the line of duty two weeks ago in Oakland. We mourn and pray for Angela and the entire Underwood and Floyd [families].

“As a member of the Federal Protective Service, Pat was guarding a federal courthouse — a symbol of equal justice and the rule of law — during the riots in Oakland on the night of his death.

“It appears his death was a part of a targeted attack on federal law enforcement. We pray that justice comes swiftly and completely. For Pat, for George Floyd, and all victims of violence. 

“Pat Underwood should be alive today. George Floyd should be alive today. David Dorn should be alive today. And so should countless others.

“And though we can’t bring them back, we can learn from their lives and deliver the justice and change they deserve.

“I hope that every member of this committee will listen closely and carefully to what Angela has to say. Our nation must listen, and it must heal. 

“Like Dr. King, we must reconcile our differences with a renewed sense of love and compassion.

“Like President Lincoln, we must remember that we are not enemies but friends. Friends that have a responsibility to rise above, to make sure we become the more perfect union we strive to be. And I hope that in this moment in time we rise to the occasion.”