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America currently faces the dual problems of high debt and government incompetency. Adding to that debt and contributing to that incompetency is the fact that 57,000 civilian employees were kept home on paid leave for anywhere from a month to several years during the three fiscal years that ended in September 2013.

It has proven to be extremely difficult to fire government employees. After the VA scandal, top executives quickly retired in order to avoid being fired and possibly losing their benefits. Even Lois Lerner was placed on paid leave for months while being investigated. In fact, federal employees are more likely to die of natural causes then get fired.

Earlier this year, the House passed the Senior Executive Accountability Act to make it easier to fire senior level employees who were failing to properly do their jobs. The VA scandal made it abundantly clear that this reform was and remains necessary. Yet Democrats in Congress dragged their feet, claiming that this insane degree of job protection was warranted.

America needs and deserves an efficient, accountable, and honest government. The Senior Executive Accountability Act and further reforms of government worker protections will help do just that.