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American democracy survives because there are checks to protect minority rights against majority excesses, but today it is at a crossroads due to the actions of the Socialist Democrats in Washington. Hiding behind the issue of voting rights, they want to rig the rules so that they never have to share power again.

House Democrats are already attempting to steal a congressional seat in Iowa that was certified in November, proving they are more devoted to protecting themselves than protecting democracy. But more worryingly, it reveals how Democrats intend to govern.

Here’s how:

Control Every Election from Washington

Democrats’ top legislative priority is H.R. 1, a sweeping election law would send taxpayer money to fund political campaigns and allow Washington to put its thumb on the scale in every congressional district.

Democrats call H.R. 1 the “For The People Act.” But it’s really the “For The Politicians Act.”

Here’s why:

Additionally, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn recently revealed Democrats are hiding behind the issue of voting rights so that they can pass deeply unpopular changes.

Some groups, such as state election officials, including Democrats, have warned Americans about H.R. 1 because it contains poorly written and partisan rules that would turn the next election into a nightmare.

Other groups, including the liberal ACLU, oppose H.R. 1 because it contains a massive attack on Americans’ privacy and freedom of speech — a federal speech czar at the FEC and a weaponized IRS.

Pack the Senate by Making D.C. into A State

Similarly, Rep. Jamie Raskin recently admitted Democrats are pushing for D.C. statehood to expand their own power.

Reminder: D.C. Statehood is opposed by most Americans and its constitutionality is questionable at best. 

Silencing Your Voice

Once Members of Congress arrive in Washington, Nancy Pelosi shuts them out of the legislative process. Instead of following regular order, where bills receive public hearings in committee, Pelosi has centralized power in her office, where massive legislation is written behind closed doors. The result? The interests and opinions of millions of Americans are not properly heard or represented.

Here is what Oregan Democrat Kurt Schrader told his constituents about how Pelosi wrote the most expensive single spending bill in American history:

“We were presented with a 1.9 trillion dollar bill, not allowed or encouraged to offer amendments. The voice of the elected representatives was not heard in this package at all. It was a take it or leave it approach. Every other COVID package that we’ve done not only has been bi-partisan but has gone through an extensive vetting process.”

Democrats claim they are champions of democracy. But in reality, what they are really demanding is unchecked power, a liberal takeover of our political system, and unlimited control over Americans’ lives. That isn’t democracy, it’s tyranny of the razor-thin majority.

Republicans unequivocally oppose these unprincipled, unpopular power grabs and will always follow the Constitution so that Americans’ rights and freedoms are honored by Washington. Earlier this week, Leader McCarthy sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to follow the law and dismiss the partisan attempt to steal Congresswoman Miller-Meeks’s seat. Moving forward, we will continue to fight for the men and women who are being left behind by Speaker Pelosi’s and President Biden’s selfish and reckless actions.