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We came across an interesting theory yesterday from an interesting person. Michael Burry, who was the first to predict the 2008 housing crisis (think the Big Short), tweeted:

Of course, it’s just a prediction. But his data-first approach has been right before. And in the midst of such a busy week, it’s a striking reminder that our work to help small businesses and get this country back running again is far from over. Our relief packages last year were much-needed bandages to severe economic wounds. But to get stronger, we need to get proactive in our problem-solving. 

Many others agree.

You may have seen the hundreds of red signs stuck into the Capitol grounds yesterday as part of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses Voice initiative. Each sign, though, was listed with a policy that small business owners and program participants are advocating for most. Among them are a temporary liability shield to protect these businesses from lawsuits during the pandemic, getting larger businesses to use more small business vendors, and providing tax incentives to help small businesses offset re-opening costs. 

We will keep fighting to open up the country and working relentlessly on new policies from our members exclusively for small businesses. If Burry is right like he was 15 years ago, life is about to get harder for a lot of Americans — which means we have to get to work.