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“First, let me thank every single person who works at Wright-Patterson. The work you do is critical…it makes the world safer, it makes America stronger.

“Today… the world is much more challenging.

“Think about what has transpired just [during] this new administration, a cyber attack on the delivery of fuel, and now a cyber attack on the delivery of food within America…

“We just listened to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff report inside a hearing that China is putting a substantial amount of money… into the buildup of their military.

“[We] need to plan for our own military to be able to deal with this in the future. That’s why I was so disappointed when I saw the recent budget from the new administration under President Biden…

“If you [factor in] inflation, he’s actually decreasing our capabilities.

“With the recent cyber attacks [against] America, I don’t think this is a time you’d want to decrease our capabilities. I think it’s a time you’d want to invest greater, especially in research and development to thwart any threats in the future and keep America the leader in the world…

“You want to make sure that Americans can be protected, so you’ve got to understand what the need is. And that’s what we’re doing today…

“There’s many people on the Democrat side trying to take away some of the protections we have now, our plan for the future.

“That’s what’s detrimental, you’ve got a new administration cutting defense spending while [our] adversaries are increasing it…

“As a policymaker, I’m here to get information. Because I’ve toured here before, I know the capabilities of Wright-Patterson [Air Force Base]. I want to know what our adversaries are doing so that we can make the right investments when it comes time for our budget.

“The classified briefings have only made me more concerned based on the budget that President Biden has put out…

“I’m concerned we are not in the best position we should be… I hope the President gets the briefing we just got.”

Background on Biden’s Defense Budget: 

  • Biden’s budget fails to keep pace with inflation. It represents a cut of over $4 billion in real dollars.
  • It will force the Department of Defense to slash investments in critically needed capabilities to cover increased costs for healthcare, supplies, and fuel.
  • Proposing to cut defense funding to this extent, while our adversaries grow their own investments, modernize their militaries, and expand their malign operations against America and our allies is irrational and irresponsible.
  • While our investments declined, the Chinese Communist Party increased its defense spending by over 75 percent in the last decade. As a result, the Chinese military has gone from an obsolete force barely able to defend its borders to a modern fighting force capable of winning regional conflicts.
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