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During his inauguration day address, President Biden made a promise to the people of this country. He said he would pledge to “be a President for all Americans” and that he would “fight as hard for those who did not support” him as for those who did.

But now that we are 64 days into this administration, we know those were just empty words. The truth is he is more interested in “re-engineering America” by appeasing progressive activist groups than he is in protecting the livelihoods and future of American families.

After months of avoiding answering for his Administration’s failed policies, today President Biden owes the American people a path forward on how he is going to solve the crisis at our border, protect our country’s energy independence, and help get every child back in school full time.

President Biden stopped the construction of our border wall, rescinded Trump-era policies that prevented the mass flow of migrants into our country, and promised a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million illegal immigrants. Now just less than 90 days into his presidency, our country is facing a historic crisis at our southern border – more than 16,000 migrant children are in U.S. custody, migrants are being released into our country without a court date, and even his own DHS secretary admits “we are on track pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.”

What is President Biden’s plan to stop the humanitarian, national security, and public health crisis that is unraveling at our southern border? Does he still not consider it a crisis?

Does President Biden believe his policies incentivize illegal migration when migrants themselves say they are coming to the border because he is now President?

On day one, President Biden kicked off his presidency by signing away thousands of good-paying energy jobs by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline. American workers and their families were told, with virtually no prior notice, that their source of income would essentially disappear.

What is President Biden going to do to lower the cost of energy, protect our country’s energy independence, and safeguard the jobs of American workers?

How does allowing Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline advance America’s interests?

Perhaps one of the biggest blunders of this administration thus far is it’s undeniable failure in reopening America’s schools. More than a year after classrooms were shuttered, millions of families and students still have no reassurance as to when their children will be able to return to school full-time. Over the past few months, not only have we learned that students’ mental health has deteriorated and suffered through education loss, but we also know the science proves schools are safe to open.

Students deserve to be in school five days a week – science says it is safe and plenty of schools are already showing it can be done. Every child in America deserves that same privilege. What is his Administration doing to make sure families are afforded the education they deserve?

Will he encourage teachers unions to follow the science and adopt CDC’s updated guidance which allows for three feet of safe distancing in K-12 schools?