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North Korea claimed to have detonated a hydrogen bomb, and while many are skeptical that the seismic activity felt resulted from an actual H-bomb explosion, it’s easy to see why the most oppressive and closed dictatorship on earth would want to rattle its saber even louder than before.

Just days ago, the Obama Administration completely rolled over to Iran. Though the White House told Congress last Wednesday that the Treasury Department would put new sanctions on Iran for its repeated violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions, the Administration backed down a mere 42 minutes later, eventually saying they would delay new sanctions indefinitely.

Iran was undoubtedly unhappy hearing that new sanctions were on the way. But to President Obama, the only way to keep Iran in this bad deal—a deal they already beat us on—is by bending over backwards to please Ayatollah Khamenei and his ilk. So instead of holding Iran accountable and risking their displeasure, the Obama Administration is quietly accepting Iran’s complete disregard for international agreements.

This entire performance, it seems, was not lost on Kim Jong-Un. If Iran can get $150 billion in immediate sanctions relief, the promise of more relief down the line, and a legitimate pathway to a nuclear weapon, why can’t North Korea—a current nuclear power—get a piece of the action? It’s not as if Kim Jong-Un hasn’t played this game before.

Whether or not North Korea actually tested an even more powerful nuclear weapon than ever before, the constant threat of nuclear war from North Korea is only exacerbated by President Obama’s utterly weak foreign policy. If America doesn’t stand up to dictators and aggressors, North Korea’s actions are just a precursor to an even more dangerous world being ushered in by the President’s impotent foreign policy the last seven years.