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Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver remarks on deficit reduction plans. But, perhaps in a sign for just how serious we should take this speech, the White House is setting the expectations bar awfully low by claiming that the speech will include “few details” and instead focus only on a “general approach.”

President Obama’s Deficit Speech Will Include Only “A General Approach With Few Details.” “While Carney promised that the speech would offer explicit targets for reducing deficits over the long term, people briefed by the White House said they expect Obama to lay out a general approach with few details.” (Lori Montgomery and Zachary A. Goldfarb, “Obama Turns To His Bipartisan Deficit Commission’s Blueprint For Reducing Debt,” The Washington Post, 4/11/11)

  • Expectations Surrounding President Obama’s Speech “Aren’t High For A Highly-Specific Proposal.” “But the expectations aren’t high for a highly-specific proposal, likely to be more a white paper than a spreadsheet.” (Glenn Thrush, Carrie Budoff Brown, and David Nather, “Showtime For President Obama On Deficit,” Politico, 4/12/11)